August 2013

August 2013
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Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Nice Weekend at Home

We do have fun on our weekend travels, but boy is it nice to just stay home once in awhile! Friday evening we went out to dinner with some other couples from church. On Saturday we spent much of the day doing a major cleaning/reorganizing of the garage.

BUT later in the afternoon we had lots of fun at the Sherburne County Fair. At the fair, we met up with our neighbors, the Bengstons, and some other friends, the Dixons. The kids all went on rides, and we spent some time at the petting zoo as well. Check out the pictures (I finally took a few extra minutes to explore this site and figured out how to add photos and videos. It was super easy, but I just never took the time to try it before.  I've also gone back and added pictures and a couple videos to previous posts if you scroll down.)

Brecken and our neighbor riding the boats
Today we went to the Twins game. It was definitely hot and sticky, but they won so all is well :)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Our 5th Anniversary!

Dinner at Grizzly's
Our 5 year anniversary was this past Friday. 5 years - Can you believe it?! I feel like a 5 year anniversary qualifies us as old marry folks now - haha, but it definitely means we're no longer newlyweds! We celebrated by having a mini-stay (2 nights) at Cragun's resort in Brainerd. Brecken spent the time at my parents cabin just north of Brainerd, as they spent the whole week of July 4th up there. He had a blast swimming and fishing, but he was sure happy to see us when we got to the cabin on Saturday! While we were at Cragun's, we got massages, laid on the beach, went canoeing, and had a nice dinner out on Friday. It was very relaxing and it was nice to have some time just the two of us.

Happy Anniversary, DJ. I would marry you again in a heartbeat! :)

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Independence Day!

I hope you all had a great weekend! We spent Friday night at the Twins game with the Hoelscher family. Brecken stayed home with a baby-sitter, and it was his first time with a "real" (non-relative) baby-sitter. I was pretty nervous about it since Brecken is very skeptical of "strangers" right now, but he did GREAT! The only bad part was that the tornado sirens went off and our patio table was shattered from the storm, so  it was quite an eventful night. The start of the Twins game was delayed about 2 hours due to the weather, so we were only able to stay for about 4 innings.

Then Saturday we headed up to Osakis to celebrate the 4th with the Hoelschers and their family friends, the Schorn  family. We went for pontoon rides, played bean bags, and Brecken had lots of fun in the kiddie pool with his friends Hank and Charlie. (He actually got to hang out with some boys instead of his many girlfriends ;)

Brecken and "Bucka" (Grandpa)

Brecken and his buddy, Charlie

Brecken and "Gamma"

We came home late Sunday night hoping that Brecken would sleep on the way home. Well of course he didn't fall asleep until about 30 minutes before we got home :( Luckily at least he stayed asleep when DJ transferred him to his crib, AND he slept in until 8:30 this morning :)

Today DJ mowed the lawn and we had some extra family time which included a trip out for ice cream :)

Ice Cream at Culver's (DQ was closed :(

Happy 4th of July, everyone!

We're going to head out on the deck to enjoy the fireworks of the neighborhood.