August 2013

August 2013
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Friday, March 9, 2012

What a day!

Today was quite the day! Brecken (who has been healthy since Halloween) recently started running a temp and last night it went up to 101.4. DJ took him to the doctor today since he also didn't seem to have any appetite, and Mr. Brecken has an ear infection in each ear PLUS strep throat! I woke up at 3:45 this morning with a terrible sore throat, so after hearing about Brecken, I thought I better get checked too so I planned to go the minute clinic right after work. However, around lunch time today, I got an e-mail from our school health-clerk stating that multiple cases of Fifths Disease have been reported at our school and that anyone who is pregnant should contact their medical provider. So then I sent a message to my doctor and they said I should come in for a blood draw to be tested TODAY. So after school, I flew over to the doctor for the blood draw, but unfortunately I probably will have to wait until next week for the results :( My throat and headache continued to get worse, so I went to the Target Clinic this evening for a throat culture, but it was negative which is good but I REALLY hope and pray it's not Fifths Disease (since sore throat and headache are symptoms of that too)! DJ is gone on a men's retreat with church, so we have sickie 1 and sickie 2 here. Luckily my mom was already planning to hang out for the weekend since the other guys are hunting, so I'm very thankful she is here to help! Hopefully a good night's sleep will bring some good healing for both Brecken and I :)

Side note: This was actually the 2nd Friday in a row that I've had to have a blood draw. Last Friday after my cerclage, I called the doctor because my lower back was aching/hurting a little. She wanted to be sure that I didn't have an infection from the procedure, so she ordered up a blood draw, urine sample, and an ultrasound of my kidneys! All was fine though :)

We also bought a "new" (new to us) car this week. DJ accepted a job offer on Monday and put in his 2-week notice, so he will lose his company car at the end of next week. It's no wonder these last couple of weeks have felt absolutely insane!

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