August 2013

August 2013
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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

C-section is scheduled

I had my doctor appointment this morning, and baby is still breech. The C-section has now been scheduled for Thursday, August 23rd (4 days before my due date). Again,  if I go into labor before then, they'd have to do the C-section at that time if he's still breech. Or...if he turns between now and Aug. 23 (keep praying :), then we'd cancel the C-section and he'd just be born whenever he's ready. We shall wait and see...

If he comes earlier than the 23rd, DJ or I (probably DJ ;) will post a brief note to let everyone know. So if you don't hear anything, you can assume he hasn't arrived yet. (We're just as surprised as everyone else that after two months of bedrest, here we are a week later and no sign of baby yet.) By the way, yesterday marked 37 weeks so I am officially full term now - yipppppeeeee!

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