August 2013

August 2013
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Monday, January 17, 2011

Brecken is WALKING!

Yes, that's right, Brecken is walking (for real this time.) I must have gotten a little too excited when he took his first steps back at the end of October because after those first steps, he had ZERO interest in attempting to walk for a VERY long time. Every time we'd start to let go, he would just immediately plop down on the floor. Now he can walk clear across the living room (as long as someone is waiting for him at the other side). This weekend he was even clapping his hands WHILE he was walking because he was just so excited! It has been lots of fun because he is just beside himself and full of laughter and smiles - sometimes he gets so excited that he starts running :)

On New Year's Eve morning, Brecken had his 15-month check- up which went very well again. He is almost caught up developmentally to his actual age of 15-months now. There were only 2 things that he wasn't quite up to speed on yet - walking and language. He weighed in at 22 pounds, 13 ounces (24% for age) and was 31 inches (44% for age)!

Well I think that's all the new information for now.
Take care,
The Hoelschers

PS - You'll have to bear with me and this very lame background/heading on the blog. I am definitely new to this whole blogging thing.


  1. I wouldn't worry about the walking, at least 2 of my kids were at 15 months before they walked (Kerstin was 16 1/2!). And talking, 3 of my 4 boys were not saying more than 5 words at 15 months, but you would never guess that now - I wish they were quieter! The doctors never considered any of them 'abnormal'.


  2. Connor took his first steps Halloween weekend and then he didn't walk for a month. Now he walks everywhere. You will have to invest in running shoes before you know it!!
    It is nice reading how your little Miracle Man is getting so grown up. Thank you for sharing!!