August 2013

August 2013
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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Almost healthy :)

Well some of you may know that all 3 of us have recently been sick. I unfortunately started it all...with the stomach flu AGAIN. (I had the stomach flu so bad Thanksgiving weekend that D.J. had to take me to the ER for IV's, and I passed out while giving them all of my information :( So needless to say, I was NOT happy when I got the flu for a 2nd time in one season! Thankfully though I had the drugs from my ER visit, so I was able to stop puking much sooner this time :) Anyway, I was home recovering from the flu when all of  a sudden I started getting super congested. After two days being home and having 2 different random subs, I decided I had to go back to work even though I was actually feeling worse because of all the awful sinus congestion. Thankfully DJ and Brecken never did get the stomach flu (either time), but they both did get cold/sinus stuff that lasted over a week for each of us, and Brecken is still coughing a little. We are so blessed that Brecken has stayed so healthy - this was only his 2nd major cold and he's still never been on antibiotics (knock on wood), which is completely amazing for a preemie!

Anyway, in more exciting news, Brecken is walking (well, running is more like it) all over the place! It is so fun to see him explore now that he is up and about and can get to more things.

This Sunday night, Brecken has his first swimming lessons, which should be fun for all of us. Then we're off to church for a Super Bowl party. AND in about a month, we're all headed to Fort Myers, Florida to soak in some sun and catch a Twins Spring Training game :)We are so ready for a break from this cold, snowy winter!

Stay warm everyone!

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