August 2013

August 2013
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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I spoke too soon!

Well, I definitely spoke too soon because
1) I guess we're not "almost healthy" as I had said, and
2) I can no longer say that Brecken has never been on antibiotics! (I knew I would jinx myself!)

Here's the scoop:
Late last week, I started to think hmmmm... Brecken's cold should be wrapping up very soon, but I guess mine lasted about a week-and-a-half so maybe he is just about to round the corner. I thought about taking him in to the doc just to have him checked out, but since his symptoms weren't getting any worse and he didn't have a fever, I figured we'd just give him the weekend and hopefully he'd come out of it. Well over the weekend, his cough started to get SLIGHTLY worse, so we decided we better take him in just for "peace of mind" even though he was still running all around the house laughing, smiling, and saying "google, google, google" (his new favorite word that he uses for everything). Well, the dr. squeezed him into her schedule yesterday afternoon, and D.J. found out that Brecken has a right ear infection, a sinus infection, AND strep throat! Poor thing!

I feel like a bad mom for not bringing him in sooner, but seriously, how is it possible to have THREE infections, yet not run a temp and not act the least bit sick?! This fall he had a temp of 102, wasn't sleeping well, and was super cuddly. When I brought him in that time, it was "just a virus." Now when he really is super sick, he doesn't have a fever, and is eating and sleeping totally fine...go figure!
I'm home with him today, as he obviously has to be on antibiotics for 24 hrs due to the strep throat. I must say that I'm loving every minute since he doesn't act one bit sick.

Well Brecken will be awake again soon, so I better get a few more things done.

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