August 2013

August 2013
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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Brecken's 2nd Birthday

I'm a couple days late, but Happy Birthday, Brecken! I can't believe our little peanut that started at just 2 pounds is now a big two-year-old! On his birthday, it's incredible to remember the journey he has had. I look at him on his 2nd birthday and just cannot believe that he was born 3 months early, yet never had a single surgery, and he is a completely normal two year old in size AND development. We are just so thankful that he his able to live a perfectly normal life. Miracles DO happen, and we are so grateful that God blessed us with a huge miracle!

Here are a few pictures from his birthday party with the family, last Sunday, 9/18.
It was a full living room!

Cake made by Great-Grandma Schmidt

And here are a couple pictures from his actual birthday:

Baseball cake that Mommy made

He ate a whole piece of cake!
 And a little video :) You'll have to pardon my singing!

Oh, and his daycare lady e-mailed me this picture from his lunch party with his daycare friends -

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