August 2013

August 2013
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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

BIG News!

This is Dr. Brecken, and he says there's a baby in Mommy's tummy! And YES, he is absolutley right :) We're happy to announce that we're expecting Baby #2 - due date is August 27th, so I'm 13 weeks. (Maybe this will be my excuse as to my lack of blog posts because I have been absolutely exhausted lately.) I really can't complain though because I haven't had any morning sickness and the fatigue has just recently started to improve some too :) We are very excited to add to our family, but we're definitely nervous too since most of you know that our first baby was born 3-months premature. They of course are taking lots of precautions now that they are aware of my situation, but there is never any real guarantee. We trust that God is in control no matter what, and we know that He will be with us through whatever might come our way. They say I have about an 80% chance of making it to 36-37 weeks (Due date would be 40 weeks). I have to remind myself of this fact often when I start to get nervous. I am all over the place with my emotions (Hmmm...maybe those pregnancy hormones are to blame for some of that ;) day I feel completely at ease with the pregnancy, and the next day I'm a nervous reck. We would greatly appreciate any prayers for comfort, peace, and a healthy pregnancy :) Thank you and God bless!

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