August 2013

August 2013
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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

32 weeks and more great news!

Yesterday at my check-up, the doctor approved for me to up 2-4 hours a day! YAY - I am thrilled! The doctor said that since I'm at 32 weeks now, I had that negative fetal fibronectin test last week, and I have two precautionary measures in place as well (cerclage and weekly progesterone injections), it's certainly reasonable for me to be up and about some. He made it sound as if he assumed that I had been doing that much already because he said that most people they put on bedrest don't actually follow all of the restrictions. He said if I start having more contractions, then obviously I need to cut back again, but otherwise it's just fine for me to modify my bedrest and be up 2-4 hours a day. I can now go out to eat on occasion (Yay! I can escape my house for something other than a doctor appointment :) He also said we could drive to the park as a family and I can sit down there to watch Brecken play. I will still be spending the majority of my day in bed or in my recliner, but I am SO happy to have a few more being able to tuck Brecken in at night :)

I think God must have known that I needed a little boost because this exciting news came at just the right time! After a complete month of bedrest, I have been wondering how I was ever going to survive another whole month of sitting around doing nothing. (I really should have jumped up and given the doctor a big bear hug when he gave me the news :) This weekend was especially challenging from an emotional standpoint - this weekend my dad's entire side of the family (including my out-of-state relatives) were all up at my parents' cabin for the annual Meyer family weekend at the lake, and we obviously couldn't go this year. DJ's parents were down at our house this weekend for a family wedding, and while they were here, they helped paint the baby's room. I am VERY thankful for all of their help and it feels great to finally have that done; however, it broke my heart knowing that I was missing the big family weekend at the lake AND I wasn't able to help paint my own baby's room!

Here are some pictures of the painting that I missed out on :(    

Brecken had to paint a little too

"Bucka" Al helped entertain Brecken after taping the room, and he mowed our lawn too!

Grandma Linda hard at work

All done! I guess we could've just color-matched Brecken's shirt - he blends right in!

So far I haven't really taken advantage of my new privileges...yesterday I spent the entire morning at the Abbott Northwestern Perinatal Clinic and then also had to run to the local clinic in the afternoon for my weekly injection, so I figured that all of those appointments pretty much took care of my 2-4 hours. Today I didn't do much either, but I am going to sit at the kitchen table here shortly to make a dessert for our 4th of July celebration tomorrow. I am happy that I'm able to contribute something for our little party so DJ has one less thing to worry about (and the other family is bringing food as well). We are very excited that we have another family coming over tomorrow afternoon to celebrate with us, and I am ecstatic that I will actually be able to sit up in a normal chair for part of the time to visit and hang out with them :)
Thank you once again for your prayers and support. We are very happy and thankful to be sitting at 32 weeks, but we're hopeful to make it at least another 4 weeks.

Happy 4th of July! Stay cool!

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