August 2013

August 2013
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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Change in Plans

Well I had my appointment this morning, and I still have my cerclage/stitch. The doctor decided not to take it out because baby is still breech. It's pretty unlikely at this point that baby would turn on his own because babies typically find their permanent spot around 32-34 weeks. If they know they're going to do a c-section, they just wait and take the stitch out at the same time as the c-section. However, we're now in a major predicament...the doctor said that they can try and and physically turn the baby by manipulating him from the outside (a procedure called external version), or we can just plan a c-section (unless baby would still miraculously turn). The doctor (same doctor that admitted me to the hospital in my first pregnancy AND delivered Brecken) didn't have a strong opinion one way or the other. Part of me is like, why not at least TRY turning him to have a chance at avoiding a c-section and longer recovery? The worst thing that could really happen is that they'd have to deliver the baby right away IF baby showed signs of distress from the procedure. Well we already know that baby could come at any point as it is, so that doesn't really phase us. However, the other part of me is like...just let whatever happens, happen. If baby miraculously turns on his own, GREAT, if not, then I have a c-section and so be it. It would certainly be easier to NOT have a c-section, but I'm just so thrilled to basically be full-term that I don't care that much how baby comes. The down side of a c-section is obviously the recovery...I don't really know what that would be like, but they say it's like your body just went through major surgery (which would of course be nice to avoid if possible). Ugh...decisions, decisions! We'll keep thinking it over and praying, and I need to call the clinic back later this week to let them know the final decision. IF we try to do the version/turning, they do that around 37 weeks, so that would likely be done down at Abbott next week sometime. I'll keep you posted...

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