August 2013

August 2013
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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Big Boy Bed!

This week Brecken moved into his big boy bed so that we could change the toddler bed back into the crib for baby brother. I don't think Brecken could be any more excited! He has seriously been asking for months when he will get his big bed. He had a hard time falling asleep that first night, but I think it was honestly just because he was SO excited! Other than that, he has done really well with the transition. He woke up that next morning and slid off the end of his bed onto the stool (just as DJ instructed him the night before.) All of a sudden he came walking in our room and said, "I slid down my big bed onto my stool!" Then he quickly added, "That was FUN sleeping in my big bed!" :)

We were thankful that my parents delivered the furniture and helped get it set-up! I don't know what we'd do without all of the help from our families over the past month-and-a-half. Here are some pictures from the big event:
Helping Bucka (Grandpa) Dave

Taking apart the toddler bed

Me supervising from my resting position ;)

Bob the Builder?

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