August 2013

August 2013
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Monday, May 30, 2011

Doing better...

Overall Brecken is doing much better with his allergies! He is breathing totally normal again without any nebulizer treatments and he can open his eyes all the way now since they're not swollen anymore. We had to do the nebulizer right at the 4 hour mark all day last Saturday because he would start wheezing about 3-3 1/2 hours after the previous treatment. Then Sunday we gave him just one treatment right before bed, and we haven't had to touch it since :) However, he still has had a cough, bad congestion, a milder rash, and his eyes were still pretty red this week soooo... I made another phone call to the dr mid-week and then ended up taking him in again this past Friday. WE HAVE STUMPED THE DOCTOR... She's pretty certain that this is all seasonal allergies since he itches all the time, but she has never had to treat the red, puffy eye condition in any children as young as Brecken before! She was literally researching on her computer while we were in the office, but all of the eye drops she normally prescribes are only for children 3 years of age and older (and Brecken isn't even quite 2). She said she'd have to call the pediatric opthamalogist and get back to me about treating his eyes. She was actually able to reach that dr right way and then called me to give me the update. The opthamalogist had some drops to recommend that they use quite frequently for the little ones, and they're totally safe (I'm glad our pediatrician consulted with the expert!) We've now been using those drops since Friday night, and we've seen a huge improvement already! We may eventually need to change the allergy med too since he is still pretty congested, but the pediatrician didn't want to make 2 changes at once, which makes total sense. The other issue we discussed at the appointment was his ear infection...his infection was gone BUT there was still cloudy-fluid in his right ear and we were on the very last day of his antibiotics :( We're leaving it as is for now because she said his ear is not going to completely clear up until we get rid of the nasal congestion. So...hopefully this cloudy-fluid doesn't turn into another infection anytime soon!

I hope you've all had an enjoyable Memorial Weekend! We spent most of the weekend at my parents' cabin. It was relaxing even though the weather wasn't the greatest. Brecken enjoyed playing in the sand and went fishing with Grandpa Dave for the very first time!

We came home last night so that today we could get a few things done and enjoy some family time.

Brecken and the neighbor

Planting Mommy's Mother's Day lilac
Thank you to all of the men and women who have served our country! Your service is greatly appreciated!

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