August 2013

August 2013
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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Awwww...summer vacation :-) ...and a double ear-infection :(

love summer! This is my first week off from teaching, and it has been FABULOUS! I feel like I'm such a better wife and mom during the summer mainly because I have so much more time. I made a bag-lunch for D.J. for Monday (only lasted one day -oops!), made fruit/yogurt smoothies for a healthy snack, and I've been trying more new recipes for dinner each night (Check-out my link to Menu Plan Monday - it's great!). Plus I've been cleaning our house and catching up on all the other things that completely fell behind during all the end of the school-year chaos. Most importantly, I've spent lots of time hanging out with Brecken - we've played in the sandbox, played bat & ball, gone on walks, and have taken multiple trips to the neighborhood park. It's been so much fun! Next week, we're doing toddler story time at the library on Monday, going to a Puppet show Tuesday, having a play-date with twin girls one day, and then going to the Teddy Bear Band with some other teachers and their little ones on Thursday. I can't wait! (We'll see how well I stay on top of things with this crazy schedule!)

Another reason summer is great is because it's so much less chaotic to get Brecken to the doctor since I don't have to worry about work and preparing for a sub. I took Brecken in again today because my motherly-instincts told me he had another ear infection. He's had a temp of almost 100 the last couple nights, he's been scratching behind his ears, and he's been super short-tempered off and on. However, he has still been eating and sleeping perfectly fine, and they say a true fever is only over 101. When we got there and the nurse and doctor were asking me the usual questions, I started to 2nd-guess my instinct and I started to think it was probably nothing. BUT the doctor took one look in his ear, and all she said to Brecken was, "Your mommy is pretty smart!" I guess my motherly-instincts aren't so bad after all because he had an ear infection in both ears! Now we're on our 2nd round of Augmentin.

Back to house-work I go, while Brecken is napping...

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