August 2013

August 2013
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Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day (a little late) to all the dads out there! D.J. - you are an INCREDIBLE dad, and Brecken and I are so blessed to have you in our lives!

We had a little surprise to end our Father's Day (perhaps an extra Father's Day "gift" for D.J.?) So after our crazy weekend, we got home around 7:30 after the evening church service. Then we still had to do a quick bath and have D.J. open his gifts. Well apparently Brecken was so excited to be home that he wanted to play with the toys he missed instead of going to bed. Brecken has almost always been very easy to put down for bed. We read stories, then say our prayers, turn on the mobile and noise machine, and walk out without ever hearing another peep out of him. Last night?...not so much! We put Brecken down a little before 8:30 (about 30 min later than normal) We walked out of the room and about 30 seconds later he started screaming bloody-murder. We quickly went in to see what was the matter (I was thinking maybe he had gotten his leg stuck through the crib slats like he used to when he was younger), but he was perfectly fine and just screaming like I've never heard him scream before! We did what we almost never do and picked him up from his crib to try and calm him down. He calmed down, so we put him back in and walked out of the room. He started screaming again, but this time we figured we'd let him cry a few minutes before showing our face again. Well I got about to the kitchen, and all of a sudden that crying noise started getting closer and closer! Sure enough, Brecken had climbed out of his crib! We were absolutely SHOCKED to say the least because he never even stands up in his crib when he wakes up. He normally just talks to himself in his crib until we come and lift him up. We eventually got him calmed down again, but it took quite awhile since he is now scared of his crib because he fell out! DJ quickly lowered the crib one more notch to the lowest setting, but I think Brecken could still easily get out if he's ever that mad again! We had lowered the crib when he first started sitting and pulling to stand, but we've just left it one notch from the bottom because like I said before...we've never even seen him stand up in his crib until we get right next to the crib, let alone make any indication that he would attempt to climb out. He doesn't even have crib bumpers that he could prop up on, so I'm really not sure how he exactly got out of his crib!
He's had two naps today and both times he again started to look scared when I first put him in there, but I turned on an extra musical toy and he calmed right down. I'm definitely on high-alert now with any little sound he makes so I can get in there before he gets too mad and tries to get out himself again!

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